FAQs & Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please read through our frequently asked questions to see if it has already been answered. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please Contact Us Directly.

You must be 16 years of age to register and claim any prizes, although all ages are welcome to participate alongside the registered participant. The event is designed for all ages in mind and can be fun for the whole family with a good excuse to get outside and enjoy some sights along the way. You are able to take part on your own or with your friends and family - Clues may be easier to solve with more minds involved! You must be able to provide the registered Email address to claim any prizes and ID may be required for age verification.
OF COURSE! We've designed the event to be accommodating to everybody regardless of knowledge and intellect - We're not saying the clues are simple and easy to solve and being good at puzzles or riddes will be beneficial, yet each clue can be solved with knowing where to look and some general knowledge. Although there is some skill involved, generally you stand as much of a chance as anybody to complete the clues and win the prizes.
The event will continue until the prize has been found, all participants will be notified by Email once the event has been completed and runners up will receive a small prize. We estimate the event will take no longer than a week to complete at most. The first clue will be provided by Email on the 27th August 2021 but it isn't essential to begin right away and you can plan some days with friends or family to complete the clues and reach the locations while also enjoying a day out or some sightseeing. You are able to plan the event around your own schedule however you wish even if you aren't available when the first clue is provided. The event is designed to be an enjoyable activity and a chance to spend some quality time outside in Plymouth.
No, a one off payment of £10 is required to participate and you can include as many friends or family to take part with you. You do not need to pay per person and there is no additional costs for groups or multiple people. You must be 16+ to register. Only the person registered who made the entry payment will be able to collect any of the prizes and you must be able to provide the Email address used to register along with a form of ID to prove your age.
If you refer a friend and they register to participate, you'll receive ONE EXTRA CLUE! - To refer a friend, simply let them know about the event, invite them to like our Facebook Page or send them the link for the website. Your friend must include your Email Address in the 'Referred By' section on the register form so we can make sure that you have referred them. Your friend must also pay the entry fee for the referral to be accepted.
There are a total of 5 clues and the completion of each clue will lead you to the next. After completing all 5 clues, you'll be led to the suitcase which contains £5000 in Cash! Each clue may be a riddle, picture, map or cryptic clue and vary if difficulty. The quest will be easier to complete if you have a vehicle or access to public transport although we have ensured that each clue can be completed from home with use of a computer or smart phone (This may not include claiming the final prize). This means you can still take part if you are not easily able to get outside!

Event Rules

To ensure a fair opportunity for each participant to take part, we have established some general rules for each group to follow, please read through these rules carefully before taking part in the treasure quest:

You are permitted and even encouraged to use all tools available to complete the clues, such as the internet or help from others, although it is vital that you do not submit clues and answers to public social media pages or anywhere which may assist other groups taking part.

To register you must be 16+ years of age, you are able to include family and friends to take part who may be under 16, although only the person registered will be able to claim any prizes and must be able to provide the Email Address which was used to register along with some form of ID to verify age.

Only the first person registered to fully complete the clues and complete the event will be able to claim the main winning prize. The main prize can only be claimed by the first person to complete the event. There are methods in place to ensure the winning group completed the event first and fairly.

Secondary prizes will be provided to any runners up who come within up to 5th place based on which groups were able to complete the most clues the fastest and become the closest to winning the main prize.

Areas and locations which are included in the event must not be destroyed, vandalised or ruined in any way and doing so will lead to the group being excluded from the event.