The Hunt Begins: 27th August 2021

Event Details

A real life treasure quest with the chance to find £5000 in cash.

We've hidden £5000 cash in a locked suitcase somewhere in Plymouth - It's up to you to solve the clues and find it. Before you do though, you need to know a few key details and information on how to take part. If you're looking for a specific question, take a look through out FAQ Section.

How It Works

This years event will begin on the 27th August 2021, you'll need to make sure you have signed up and registered before that date. At 12pm, all participants will receive the first clue by Email. It's up to you and your friends or family to solve the clues to advance the map and reach the suitcase. Clues could be in the form of riddles, images, coded information or maps. It is not necessarily essential to start immediately after you receive the first clue and we've made sure each participant is given a fair chance and the ability of catching up, so you don't need to worry if you're concerned about not being great at puzzles!

There are a total of 5 clues, which may involve various areas within Plymouth - Every area included is aimed to be easily accessible to all participants without the need for your own vehicle so you can still take part if you don't drive or own a vehicle. You are able to take your time to solve these clues and visit these locations, you also may not need to visit the location in person at all if you know what you are doing...

The clues and riddles are designed to be family friendly in difficulty to allow not only adults to take part but to be able to include the whole family! Although with £5000 at stake, we can't promise they'll be easy!

The event is designed for all ages to take part either on your own or as a team and once you complete all 5 clues, you'll be led to the £5000 in cash. The closest runners up will receive a small prize, and all participants will be notified as soon as the event has been completed.

Entry Cost

To participate in this years event, there is a registration cost of £10 which is made upon registering. The entry cost is on a group basis which allows you to include friends or family to take part at no additional cost. The winning party must be able to provide their Email which they used to register to claim their prize. Entry payments will be refunded if for any reason the event is cancelled.